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Featuring the latest Ballasted Wind Gate (BWG) technology, Aer-Flo® Ballasted Windscreen automatically opens to allow high velocity winds thru . . . NO MATTER THE DIRECTION OF THE WIND.                                                                                       PATENT PENDING.

Individual 5 ft. wide Ballasted Windscreen units are attached to chain link fence only along their tops, and the units are installed alternately on both sides of the fence.  The bottom of each section has a sand-filled PVC pipe inserted thru its entire width in a triple-reinforced pocket. This bottom weight is engineered to provide just the right amount of ballast to hold the weighted windscreen unit in a vertical position during lighter, tennis-playable winds, but it automatically opens up to let  higher velocity winds flow thru, significantly reducing wind stress on the fence. SINCE HALF OF THE WINDSCREEN UNITS ARE ON EACH SIDE OF THE FENCE, HALF OF IT OPENS UP NO MATTER THE WIND’S DIRECTION.  This is our revolutionary solution to the age-old problem of high winds damaging fences due to the sail-like resistance of fully-attached windscreen.


Normal position: In calm to low winds.  The subtle, two-tone color effect from alternate side installation of 5’ wide units is exaggerated here.

Storm position: In higher, non-playable winds, BALLASTED units open to allow damaging winds thru, PROTECTING FENCE & WINDSCREEN.

Self Tie-Up feature:  Built-in hook & loop strips at top allow one person to roll up and secure entire unit in less than 30 seconds.  SAVES COSTLY LABOR TIME.

HOW DOES IT SAVE MONEY?      Aer-Flo® Ballasted Windscreen pays for itself by:

  • Reducing the labor cost of windscreen installation.  Only the top needs to be attached, and one person can do it.
  • Reducing the labor cost to re-attach damaged, removed, or rolled-up windscreen after a high wind event.
  • Eliminating the capital cost to replace windscreen damaged by a high wind event.
  • Eliminating the very high capital cost to replace an entire fence, or section of it, damaged by a high wind event.

TECHNICALLY SPEAKING:  Each 5’ wide section exerts a minimum of 15 pounds of vertical vector force, providing the correctly engineered amount of ballast to offset excessive unit billowing in normal sports-playable winds.   When constant wind velocities exceed 25 mph, the Aer-Flo Ballasted Windscreen system provides a progressively increasing degree of wind force relief thru a series of opening “wind gates”, those units on the fence side in the wind direction.  For winds up to 99 mph, wind force reduction may approach 47%, depending on fence post spacing, post diameter, pipe gauge, and steel quality.  With units in tied-up position, the net wind force on fence may approach 93% less than that exerted on the same fence with conventional fully-attached windscreen of same size.      PATENT PENDING.

USE IT WHERE YOU NEED IT:  Made with more materials and additional workmanship, Ballasted Windscreen costs appreciably more per square foot than conventional windscreen.  OVERALL COSTS CAN BE REDUCED SIGNIFICANTLY by following these installation guidelines
1. For fence sections that suffer the greatest exposure to high winds, use 100% Ballasted Windscreen units.  2. For fence sections that have moderate exposure to high winds, mix in non-ballasted individual units of 10’ – 25’ so that 50-70% of section is covered by alternating Ballasted Windscreen.  3. For lower wind exposure sections, mix in non-ballasted units so that 20-40% of section is covered by Ballasted Windscreen.  4. For protected fence sections rarely exposed to high winds, use 100% Aer-Flo non-ballasted windscreen for a perfect match.
Though it costs more initially, Aer-Flo Ballasted Windscreen is a wise investment for those facilities that have experienced the RECURRING high cost of labor and materials before and after every high wind event.


Ballasted Windscreen:  Standard units are made with high quality vinyl coated polyester windscreen fabric.  Standard colors are Dark Green and Black.  Other colors available.   SIZE:  5’ Width x 6’ Height only.   Factory warranty.
Non-Ballasted Windscreen: Mix-in Units available in Widths: 10’, 15’, 20’, 25’ x 6’ Height.
                                              ● Normal windscreen:  Any Width x Any Height in same colors.  Competitively priced.

FAST DELIVERY Standard units normally ship from stock.   We take pride in our quick production of custom sizes.